Success combines childlike wonder with the discipline of a professional athlete.

Salon Owners

As a salon business owner, you’re responsible for more than anyone realizes. Beyond simply keeping your clients happy, you also have to manage your staff and your bottom line, and on top of that the hair industry is changing faster than most can keep up with. Are you prepared for the future? Do you have a strategy for training new stylists? What makes your salon special?

Independent Artists

Perhaps working for someone else isn’t your style, and you feel happier being an independent artist. Of course, being happier doesn’t mean you’re without obstacles — without the safety net of a salon, you may have less access to exciting training opportunities and chances to grow as an artist. How are you branding yourself? Can you sustain your business long term?

Cosmetology Grads

Each state tightly regulates cosmetology licensing and has yet to create room for many advancements. This means that schools have their hands tied – their number one job is to get you licensed. We are here to help prepare you for your next step, to help you find what you want to do in this incredible profession that you’re now a part of. Which road will you choose?

Paying it forward.

Powerful Women Rise Above is a local nonprofit working to raise awareness about the realities of domestic abuse and provide resources for battered women. We’re proud to partner with the passionate team at PWR by providing what we can for women who are looking to start their new lives.

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